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Thursday, October 19, 2006

62 Days - Gelling up and ready to wobble!

I was thinking (oops, probably shouldn't do that! :-)) that maybe putting a couple of photos from the past might be a good idea - you will see, from some of my hairstyles, the great importance my hair is in how I present myself! (and so, what the shave, and losing my hair, will mean to me...) This one's from back in 1990, with two of my children.

So, last night I made another move, which made the head-shave even more certain than before (although, once I'd told people about it, I started to feel committed already): I e-mailed the local paper with details. All day I've been checking my mailbox to see if I had an automatic acknowledgement - uh uh! Not a thing! Hopefully they will reply once they get a chance to check out the links I gave them! :-)

Apart from this, the idea of doing The Deed in front of the school moved one step closer too. Traditionally, there's a theatrical show in the hall on the last day of school. It's a very popular event, since the 6th formers get to take the mickey out of the teachers (they wait their whole school life for this opportunity!) and the performances are relished by the rest of school, who can't wait their turn :-D

One bright spark in the staff room (where all the most creative sparks come from) suggested I could take the opportunity to do the Shave while I have the captive audience (it'd save us getting them all together more than once, which is hazardous at best!). Besides which, after cracking up over teacher caricatures, and watching teachers make a fool of themselves, they will be in the right frame of mind to watch someone else (me! :-S ) do something very silly (and, for some, possibly a little shocking - I've had a couple of people say to me already that there's no way they could watch me cutting off my 'beautiful hair'! :-) Well, they don't have to actually watch... as long as they consider making a contribution!!! :-)

I'm still getting jelly-wobbles in my tummy. I just can't imagine what it will be like to have no hair! I keep imagining me dressed up for Christmas in some classy outfit (as if! :-)) and topped with my knobbly head showing through a morning shadow... As Lynne said, when she made a donation today, I'll have to "Get a hat!" (and maybe some colourful scarves, or even a wig! (I've always wanted to dye my hair blue, and the colour's never taken, so maybe here's my opportunity to wear a royal blue wig! :-D

Thank you to my first two sponsors (especially to Lynne who, when I was in the staffroom saying 'it won't really feel like it's happening until I get more sponsors' immediately dug into her purse and handed me a fiver to put on!)- it's greatly appreciated! The trouble, when you're the first to contribute, is that you don't know how much (whatever you can afford!) and you kind of want to be sure that the event you're sponsoring is actually going to happen, especially if you are making a donation (though, even if it didn't happen, the charity would be still happy to accept the donation - every little helps...)

In my case, as I said, the moment I started talking to people about it, and working out details, I just knew I was going to go through with the idea (oh, I guess I should put a proviso on that) - AS LONG AS DONATIONS TO CANCER RESEARCH UK REACH £1000!!! I really wouldn't want to lose my hair for less! So, guess I got my work cut out for me to reach, and hopefully surpass, my target!!!
(Link is under my profile, just in case you want to add a donation! :-D )

By the way, I spent a long time writing this page and loading the picture, only to be thwarted by the higher powers that be - a particularly strong thunderbolt nearby blew all the power... just when I'd finished writing, and (of course!) before I'd saved... Getting it put on again has taken probably twice as long!!! :-S


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