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Saturday, October 21, 2006

60 days- Bugger!

(left- with my brother about 20 years ago)

Bugger & Blast!! (ok, I'm not big on swearing, but a few stronger words pop to mind! :-))
Turns out that, when people tried to get on here (with the intentions of going on to donate) the pages wouldn't work! :-( So, I wonder how many clicked in the email, failed to get the page, deleted email....) and I've gone and removed all those addresses from my address book now, as I realised that I didn't even know who half of them were! Oh well, I'll have to try something else.

Ever stood in front of the mirror and experimented with different styles? Well, I stood in front of the mirror, holding my hair tightly to my head, trying to imagine not having any hair at all... not a pretty sight!!! And, whilst I was doing that, I realised I've only got 2 months to put my hair up into any style I want it - after that... nothing!! I haven't even had my hair short (without plaits sticking out in various places, that is) since I was 18 - and I have to admit, I didn't even like it back then! Also, for the last few years, I've been alternating my hair down with plaiting it up into hundreds of little plaits. It's become part of who I am/ project myself as.

am I doing ?!!!

So, I tried to think of the advantages:

  • It will take only seconds to wash and dry my hair in the morning!
  • I won't have to worry what style to put it in when I go out - no 'Up or down?'
  • I can wear hats - I love hats!
  • I won't have to worry about catching creepy crawlies (lice) and, even better, won't have to do the bug-busting!!! (Yahay! That's a definate plus! - you have no idea how long it takes to get one of those narrow-toothed, little combs through two-foot-long tangly hair!!!)
  • Won't have to spend ages brushing coconot oil through to the ends to condition it
  • I can get rid of all the bleached, dyed and re-dyed bits (at least the last foot and a half :-D) and start afresh
  • I can re-think my image - 'Do I really want long hair?'
Well, that's some good points to go on with... Hasn't quite stopped the nagging feeling that I'm going to do something really stupid, and that I'll really, really miss my hair! But, reminding myself of the point of all this - People going through Chemo usually don't have the choice, and also I hope to raise enough funds to make a contribution to the prevention or cure of such a ubiquitious illness in years to come!!! So, it is worth it!

Big thanks to my lovely sister, Helen, for also putting faith in me with a donation! She supports me in everything I do (the sort of sister you can rely on! :-)) - cheers!


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