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Sunday, October 29, 2006

50 Days - Why on Earth did you use that name?

Thanks to Iain for adding to my sponsors last night - went to look this morning (sad bugger I am! :-)) and was well pleased - which brings the total up to £160.38 [£135 + £25.38 tax reclaimed] Great - more than 15%! [in fact, I'm sad enough to have worked out, that's 16.038% :-D ]
Keep the donations coming, guys!

Why 'Baring it all'?

  • Obvious reason of getting rid of hair and baring scalp
  • Catchy
  • Play on word 'bearing', as in it is something I and, in a different way, cancer survivors are going through, or 'bearing'
  • Also playing with the word 'baring' as in baring my feelings openly in this blog
If some people might come to this site looking for titivation, then I apologize for possible misleading, but I don't apologize for the title- I think it's apt! :-)

PS. Since this morning, there have been two more great sponsors - a huge thankyou to Caroline Roberts [seems like everyone wants to give me hats! But I like them, so what the heck! :-) ] and also to (you know who you are!) 'anonymous'. Both very gratefully received!

The new total is now (with tax reclaimed) a grand £179.62 - fantastic!

(unfortunately, when I tried to download the pictures of the new total, it just comes up blank - but you could always go and look yourself! :-) Donate safely on 'Just Giving'! )


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