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Thursday, November 09, 2006

42 Days

Just a quick post tonight - I'm absolutely shattered! I think there was just three things I wanted to say:

  1. Wow! to the girls from 'Oak' , who (without asking them) came and fetched the collecting boxes from the staffroom, and gave up their lunchtime to rustle up some more funds. They managed to raise another $10.74 (that's supposed to be pounds, but the dogs knocked the laptop on the floor, and now it's behaving all peculiar! :-S ), which brings the total for Oak house to $32.34!!! On top of this, all three asked to take a box home with them, so that the can collect from their local areas. Good luck, girls! And a special thank you. I did ask for, and write down, your names, but somewhere between the school and home, I managed to lose it! Sorry. If you wouldn't mind, could you come and let me know who you are on Monday, so I can acknowledge your good deed
  2. Thanks to all those in the main staffroom, who've generously added their names to the list of sponsors/ donators - names I collected so far are in the sidebar (if you wish your name removed, please let me know, but I'd like to thank you all for what you are doing...)
  3. Over the last week or two, any number of times, people come up to me, and tell me how 'brave' I am to lop of all my hair. Well, you know how, when you're feeling rather vulnerable, and you're trying to be strong, and you've been laughing and joking about things, no problem, then someone says to you, "Are you alright?" in a concerned voice... and you crack? Your lip trembles, your eyes well up, and kaput! You're off! Well, I'm feeling a bit like that. I'm enjoying all the palava of getting one thing after another sorted, and I'm totally wallowing in the kindness of people - not only of donations, but of words of support and enthusiasm... Then someone says, "Oh, you're brave!" or something such like, and suddenly (like it's a switch or something) my insides turn to mush, and I wonder what the heck I'm doing!?!! I like my hair - it's long, and I can do stuff to it. In fact, my favourite hairstyle is plaiting it all up in teeny tiny plaits, and just leaving it like that for a couple of months [note to self: do first opportunity - it'll be the last chance you get for a veeeeery long time!] Anyway, point is, I suddenly don't feel so brave, and want to pretend it wasn't really me in that photo (well, no-one could recognise me from it anyway!) So, pleeease, don't tell me I'm brave. Tell me I'm mad, or a fool, or just plain doing a good thing (you'll have a smile for that one! :-) Just not that I'm 'brave!' -Thanks!


  • At November 09, 2006, Blogger Mother of Invention said…

    I won't tell you that but I do think it takes someone who is not vain about their looks to do this...and that's an admirable trait to have! You're dedicated so the whole process will just carry you along until it's all of a sudden done. Then, you just deal with it..and you will.

  • At November 09, 2006, Blogger Annelisa said…

    Thanks moi - I'm sure it'll be ok when the time comes... and, most of the time it's ok now (it's great that a lot of kids are talking to me about it. Even at such a young age, many have had a brush with cancer, in one way or another)

    ... it's just those dreaded words...('you're brave') that mush me out! :-S

    Thanks for your booster!


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