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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

43 Days - yowser!

I'm so impressed with how everyone's digging in their pockets and supporting me! The two girls who took the collection box round to the 'Oak' house classes came back with £21.60 (well done Oak!). I happen to know that children were very generous, putting their last pennies and snack money into the box - So, a big thank you, guys!

Then, I went over and spoke in a support staff meeting in the main staffroom, bringing with me a sponsor form. After the meeting, I left it on the table... and when I returned later to photocopy, I found there was a grand total of £60 on there already - that is so cool! Well done everyone who's put there name down already (don't forget to tick the box at the side, and put your home address [not work - they don't accept that] so we can collect the tax for the Cancer Research UK fund as well !)

Another donation that moved me wasn't a big one, but it was significant in that it was made by someone (well, two cats actually! :-)) on the other side of the Atlantic, who'd read my blog... A note was left on yesterday's post.

So, estimate of total so far is around £300

Put up a whole lot of flyers over the school today (will do some more elsewhere tomorrow), and kept getting stopped by kids asking questions such as, "Are you really going to shave your head?" and "How much are you going to get?"

One young lass asked me the latter question. I told her "Not less than £1000" and pointed to one of the flyers nearby. As I walked away, I heard her say to her friends "My mum raised £8000!" (ok, that put me in my place... :-)) So, as I passed again a short while later, I checked I'd heard right. Sure enough, her mother's friend had also had cancer, and over the period of a year she'd raised £8000 and walked the Great Wall of China - Well done that mum!


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