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Saturday, November 25, 2006

25 Days... still plodding...

As I sit here, the countdown clock at the top of the page says 25 days exactly. 25 days of hair left. 25 days to try to reach the $1000 (according to sums, $477 (inc the tax reclaimed) has been already raised, and the girls who went round Ticehurst said they'd raised a further $60, though I haven't seen them back with it yet... Hey, maybe they managed to collect more at Wadhurst, who knows!

Anyway, that would make about $537 (read pounds where the dollar sign is - I'm on the pc that's not got the proper keyboard!). And I haven't yet counted any tax back on the sponsor forms, as I'm still trying to see if the people who ticked the box, but haven't given their home address, might yet do so. But, there's probably at least another tenner there so far, so that would be about $547 - $550!

I haven't checked up on the Primary school sponsor form yet, nor have I talked to the 6th formers or the last house (Ash?). I also haven't yet done the local shops/ businesses [I just haven't had the time!] So hopefully that will add a wee bit. And, maybe if those teachers and staff who haven't yet 'got a round to it' added their bit... Well, maybe we'll get there!

Who else can I ask? Where else can I ask? Hmmm, it's difficult to think about it when worrying about sick children. So, I think I'll leave the question for another day....


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