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Sunday, November 12, 2006

38 Days ( I think!)

Well, that was a lovely weekend I spent with my friends... relaxing and enjoyable in their new home on the coast.

We went for walks, and took in the views. We also visited an old friend of theirs, whos husband sadly died of cancer about 3 years ago. Of course, they are all still missing him. I remember once having a card evening with the couple, and what a fun time we had...

I hope what I am doing (with the help of all those supporting me) will go a little way to prevent the longer term sadness and effect on people's lives, when they have to see someone they care about living with such an illness.

My friends had a few ideas themselves about how I should go about the 'big shave' (I've now been nicknamed "Baldy-to-be" by them! :-D ). One of the ideas was to get a big name/ well known hair stylist to perform the ghastly deed [I'll certainly think about it...]

Then, just before leaving, they gave me a very generous cheque towards the target, for which I am really grateful! And the words of support (ehm... apart from the new nickname? :-) )were even more uplifting, and buoyed me up no end -

Thanks Chris & Mary!!!

I believe the total contributions so far are roughly as follows :

Online at Just Giving = £178.00
(+ tax reclaimed from online donations = £36.67)
Collections from 'Oak' house = £32.34
Main staffroom sponsors (last checked thursday 8 th Nov) = £95.00
Science staffroom sponsors = £10
Other donors = £35

Estimated total so far = £387.01 !!!!

Good going folks - that's nearly 40% of the target! Well done everyone - we're getting there :-)


  • At November 13, 2006, Blogger Mia and Ghost said…

    Hi, Annelisa - we read about you on Finny & Buddy's website. We think you are very brave & caring to be willing to make this sacrifice. We lost our human Grandmother last year to cancer & that was very hard on our Mom. Best of luck... we hope to get our paws on Mom's credit card to help out too!

    Purrs - Mia & Ghost

  • At November 13, 2006, Blogger Annelisa said…

    Hello, Mia and ghost - I'm so very sorry you lost someone close to you- it's such a horrible illness, and takes too many away.

    It's just so lovely you've come along to support me - I really appreciate it! Thanks.


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