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Thursday, November 16, 2006

34 Days - (what happened to 35?)

Ok, I don't know what's been happening over the last few days - I've lost track a little, with lots of stuff going on, and things to do!

So, let's see if I can remember...

Yesterday, I spoke in front of 'Hawthorne' House years 7 & 8 [the upper school were doing something in the Hall - I think it was watching the 6th formers performing 'Fame', which they are showing to the public tonight (Thursday), tomorrow and 2 performances on Saturday]

Because the 6th formers had taken over the main hall, the Hawthorne assembly was held in the sports hall, and the kids were sat on the ground (just like primary! :-) ) which was kind of strange. I was introduced, and one of the teachers holding the assembly (naming no names! :-D ) whispered as I went passed, "Take all the time you need - as long as you can- we can't show the dvd clip we were going to!" Yoikes! They're expecting me to fill in time??!!! No pressure, like!

I don't think I did toooooo bad - managed to say the relevant stuff - why, where, how much I want to raise, this blog, and ended with another teacher taking the collection box off me I'd showed to the kids to recognise it... ehm, I also challenged them to beat the amazing $32 raised by Oak House! [couldn't resist... :-)] Legs still felt like jelly when I left the hall though...

But, on the way out, one of the sports hall receptionists said she would sponsor me, and would I bring a form over? (oh yes, course I can! Back in zero point 5 seconds! - and I was too)

Another kind act was by Diane Baker, who took a fly-leaflet home, and asked her hubby to take it into work... Apparently (sorry guys at hubby's work) it's pinned up on some noticeboard... Thanks Diane. Hopefully someone there might add a donation into the pot!

Last night, I'd planned to plait my hair up for the last time, possibly, ever! Talk about 'thwarted' - First , C puked up, and I had to leave work pronto! Then J came home not feeling well, and had to lie down... of course, this would also all have to happen on parent's consultation evening, wouldn't it?

Then, later, just as I was thinking - "Yes! I can do it now!" (all kids being occupied in one form or another), R extracted a letter from her bookbag - "Here mummy, read this - it's important!"
Of course it was 'important'! It was another bug-busting letter. The ones I've grown to dread...
For years, whenever I've had one of these letters, it's spelt an evening of heavy hair conditioning, along with hours of combing 5 heads- 'just in case'! The worst hair to do being mine...

Well, we were all bug-free and I sighed with relief as I put the combs away... No fine-combing the whole family's heads alternate days for a fortnight! (thank goodness!)

But, no plaits either :-(

And tonight's 'running round' night, where I'm exclusively available for being taxi service for the kids (though C's not feeling up to scouts, having returned to school today, and been 'washed out', so that's one less double journey to make)... Seeing as the plaiting takes 3 - 4 hours, I don't think I'm going to have long enough to do it today (though I could make a start, and go around with half a head plaited tomorrow... :-)).

Also, at Brownies, Tawny Owl asked me if I would pop in at the beginning of one meeting, so they can measure my hair properly {so they can work out the best way to sponsor me! - nice folks! :-) }... hmmm, I've just thought. If I plait my hair, it will be a couple of inches shorter. But I can't not plait it - it's my last chance... On this one I'm going to have to be selfish. I love having my hair up in plaits, and that's one thing I'm really going to miss (not going to miss the bug-busting though :-) )


  • At November 16, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You seem to lead a harried life. Oh well, plenty of time to kick back when the kids are gone. Your activities are helpful, I'm sure.
    Thanks for dropping by my attempt at being clever. By the way "Big Al" is named only because it seemed an appropriate guy name!

  • At November 16, 2006, Blogger QUASAR9 said…

    Aaah! lady shrek
    Meet Shrek lol!

  • At November 16, 2006, Blogger QUASAR9 said…

    lol! life is hectic
    three kids make it frenetic

    but hey once a month for plaits
    to spend 3-4 hours on yourself
    that sounds great ...

    especially since it'll be the last time for a while - no matter how fast your hair grows, it will be months, nay a year or two before you plait again. Yikes!

  • At November 16, 2006, Blogger Annelisa said…

    Goatman - not as harried by half as when all 4 were at home! :-D (not that I'd exchange that for worlds!)
    I like your blogs - the one for your little duckie pals, and the other 'work in progress' (seeing as you have just 2 pictures so far... :-) ) which is more thought provoking

    Could see, straight away, why sprig was so named... but (:-)) couldn't see the reason for 'Big Al'... Guess compared to other ducks he might be big...

    It's good of you to drop round!

    Quasar9 - lol! Come to take the mickey (or make a donkey out of me?) have you?

    Once every month would be just too much for such aching arms - once every 4 months is ok (alright, twice, if you count the taking it down as well...) If only I could get that time!

    I reckon, at an inch a month, I might be able to do weeny plaits by next Christmas...

    As you say - Yikes!!!

  • At November 17, 2006, Blogger QUASAR9 said…

    So, that top pic
    Are you a bit of a Medusa
    on a bad hair day? - lol!

  • At November 17, 2006, Blogger Annelisa said…

    No, that's on a good day! :-D

  • At November 18, 2006, Blogger Mother of Invention said…

    You are extremely busy! Do you work at a full time job as well?!! Yikes! Hope you have help with your kids and that they help each other.

    "Plaits" is an interesting word for "braids"...what is its origin?

  • At November 18, 2006, Blogger Annelisa said…

    Hi MOI
    Yes, always busy - I'm surprised I have so much time to sit down and mess around on the computer!! :-)
    I work part-time (5 1/2 hours a day), but can have the holidays with the kids (big bonus!)
    No help, and the kids are still learning to do their bit (ehm... how many years does that take???)

    Just looked up 'plaits' (we say it 'platts') and got this:

    tr.v. plait·ed, plait·ing, plaits

    1. To braid.
    2. To pleat.
    3. To make by braiding.

    [Middle English pleit, fold, braid, possibly from pleiten, to fold, braid, alteration (influenced by Old French pleit, fold), of Old French plier, pleiir from Latin plicre, to fold. See plek- in Indo-European Roots.]


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