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Friday, December 01, 2006

19 days...oh well...

So, you know I said "Come Hell or High Water!" ?

Well, that was a wash-0ut!

I got up Thursday, dropped off various kid on route to work, and by the time I arrived, I already felt awful. By the time I'd said hello to my work-mates, all energy had sapped out of me... So, my lovely boss sent me home!

So, why didn't I write a post yesterday?

Well, tell the truth, I didn't have a clue what to say. I looked at the stats, and saw most of my visitors are coming from the States, and not from my local area, where one might expect a bit of support. I don't know if it's a week of being ill, or whether it's just that nothing's been happening at all on the Just Giving site, or that I haven't been able to do anything myself, not being up to it an' all...
But, I just haven't got the inspiration to write anything.

Maybe I need other peoples' input, their feedback, to keep me going? Or maybe I just need a kick up the backside to stop me moping (it isn't like me at all!)

So, I'm going to leave it for today, and maybe I'll think of something tomorrow...

If there's anyone reading this that lives nearby, please say "hello!" in the comments!


  • At December 03, 2006, Blogger QUASAR9 said…

    Hi Annelisa,
    Nope, not that close by ...
    Love that waterfall in previus post
    Is that the land of milk & honey, or the land of rivers of gold. lol!

  • At December 03, 2006, Blogger QUASAR9 said…

    Imagine those one thousand kids
    when all the hair comes off -

    You won't be doing a "Lady Godiva" for a while, with flowing hair to hide your modesty anymore - lol!

    Well not for a while, maybe another year or two. It does look so good - alas for a good cause it must go.

  • At December 03, 2006, Blogger Katie said…

    not close but hello and hugs!

  • At December 03, 2006, Blogger Annelisa said…

    Hey Quasar9! Close enough - Thanks!

    I don't know where that picture is... I just went for 'Hell or High Water'... come to think of it, I'm much closer, so could've got a close up! :-D

    Maybe I should let Lady Godiva know she could borrow my locks in a few weeks time? :-)

    Guess it's time for a change anyhow...

    Thankyou Katie... you might not be close, but that means a lot to me!

  • At December 03, 2006, Blogger Angel Feathers Tickle Me said…

    To be in a prayerful mood is to be in love, in love with the existence. To be in a prayerful mood is to be in gratitude to the existence. To be in prayerful mood means to not be an enemy to the world but a friend.

    For me, prayer is not an address because there is no one to be addressed. Prayer is a state of mind. It is concerned with you not with God. You can be in love without a love object; the object is not the necessity. You can exist in love, you can walk in love, you can sleep in love. Everything that comes in contact with you receives your love. If no one comes in contact with you, still the perfume of love is there. A flower may be on a path where no one passes, but there is still a perfume. It is not addressed to anyone; it simply bubbles out of the flower. Like that, prayer is a bubbling of your love: your love to the whole, to all that is.

  • At December 04, 2006, Blogger Annelisa said…

    Thank you Angel,

    Yes, love comes in many forms, but the love that is the best is the one that's given without expecting to receive...

    Nice to see you again - Hope you're well!


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