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Thursday, December 07, 2006

12 days - (12 days??!!!)


Yesterday evening Tawny Owl, leader of my daughter's Brownie pack, asked me if I would go in at the beginning of Brownies, and have my hair measured - they'd been talking about what I'd been doing... They measured it to be 73 cm! That's nearly two and a half feet! Even I didn't think it was quite that long!!

And what a lovely surprise I had when I went to fetch my daughter at the end of the session - they had decided that the way to sponsor me was by donating 50p per centimeter, handing me a cheque for £37!!! Thank you so, so much 1st Wadhurst Brownies - You're all wonderful (especially you, Sally!) Tawny then also filled in my sponsor form, so I could get the tax on it reclaimed (which will be another £8-£9... not to be sneezed at!)

Then, whilst I was there, another lovely lady, Eileen Hemsley, also said she would sponsor me. Thankyou Eileen - it all helps!


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