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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

14 days - Officially over half way!!

Ooo, I must've been asked half a dozen times about my hair being shaved off today, and with it brought mixed feelings.
Yes, I love my hair (sometimes :-D ), and yes, I will shave it off in front of the school, and yes, I am a bit nervous, but no I won't back out (oh er, if the target's reached, of course!)

I was over at the main staff room today, and a teacher said to check out one of the offices, as there was something for me there. When I went there, 3 largely stuffed envelopes were brought out and given to me... 3 envelopes full of coins the kids have collected themselves from each other - £43.22!!! Nice going kids! And a big thank you to all who collected, and all who donated - you're wonderful!

A Big, special well done in particular to these Stars:
, David and TJ, who collected one Friday lunchtime
Dion Baker, Matt Jordon & Amber King, who collected one Friday break time
and whoever it was who collected last (?) Monday lunchtime and in afternoon registration period

While I was in this office, the visiting school nurse, hearing what I am going to do, immediately dug into her purse and made a contribution too! What a lovely gesture!

3 more people have signed up on the staffroom sponsor form - thanks guys! And a student has actually put her name down in the 6th form Common room... again, thank you!

So, all in all, I can add another £68.22 to that collected! Getting there, everyone! :-D


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