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Sunday, December 03, 2006

17 days... on your marks... get set...


ha ha!

Not exacty running :-)

Though I was this morning...

Last night I was watching a film (something about a monkey) with my youngest, and fell asleep half way through. I have a vague recollection of her climbing off my bed and saying goodnight.... and then nothing until the morning! I woke up to the sound of wind blustering hard, and things knocking around outside, and wondered briefly if the cover of the swing seat was still there [how many times have I thought to take that in???!!]

Bleary -eyed, I wander downstairs to get a cuppa to take back to bed, only to see the front door wide open...

First thought was the dogs. I call the dogs...


I call the kids....


I run upstairs to check the kids. They're there (thank goodness! :-) ), but no dogs. Damn! The Jack Russel's been trouble from the word 'go!'

The whole reason I took him on in the first place was because he could jump my sister's 6 foot fence (and frequently did!) and he could get through a crack between the gate and it's post that I couldn't stick my fingers through (and no, I haven't got gi-normous hands!!! )

So, round the back, I have a special fence that alerts him if he gets too close. He's only run over it a couple of times, and is normally pretty good.... but the number of times I've had to run down the road in my slippers to catch the little bugger when he's escaped out the front door (it only takes a moment to forget, and it only takes a moment for him to slip between the legs and out...), and the number of times one of the kids has run without shoes down the street to catch him before he creates havoc on the roads (or worse...). He has absolutely no road sense whatever!

Back to this morning - the Jack was gone. But so was our other dog... good, faithful, well-behaved (normally!) and an absolute darling [ok, ok... we've had him since he was a puppy, and you can't help being extra attached to a dog that's chewed up all your shoes, eaten the carpets, dug holes in the walls - all at my mum's I hasten to add :-D - and come through it the other side as completely adorable!]. I called. I looked. I checked outside. Nope - little blighters had skipped it!

I was just about to put on the wellies [well, I would've if I could find any that fit :-) ] and start the hunt. I'd done this before, spending hours hunting, only to have the Jack return when he was hungry. But, in the meantime you worry, and anything could've happened, couldn't it?

Then I heard a beep. Could've been the house phone batteries running down. I was going to ignore it when I realised it could also have been an alert from my mobile. So, hunt the phone time... I'd used it last night, when I got back from my sister's, so it had to be around somewhere!! The worst thing about the mobile is that there's no reception in the house. All around the house, but not in it... The third company I'd tried as well....

Found the phone, and there were 6 (yes, six) missed phonecalls!! How could it be that not one of them had got through?
And they were all from the same number - a mobile number. A lovely person called Carol (A huge THANK YOU!) had found my dogs. She'd been trying to reach me, and finally had to give up, and drop them off at a police station 10 miles away in Tunbridge Wells! And what's worse, was she was dropping them off on the way to work, and it was only 5.45am! Poor thing!

So, rung the police, and found the station's not 'open' until 10am, but spoke to a very nice lady who took details and said she'd ring back. Finally, 10am arrives, and I go to fetch the dogs with youngest... Forgot about Christmas, didn't I?! Queues going way back... So, what should've taken 20 minutes, max, took an hour. Collecting the dogs wasn't too bad - we got to look about the hundred year old police station a wee bit, and see all the tiny old cells prisoners used to be kept in. The two dogs were joyful to see us - muddy paws all up our nice clean clothes (which happened to be wet on the backside anyway, because some idjut (ehm - me...) left the sun-roof open... and soon we were away home.

So, the little critters took up most of the morning. And the rest of day's been spent catching up...

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more fruitful day, in the way of things happening (or perhaps being a little less eventful :-) ).

(and maybe I'll even find someone else to sponsor me! :-) )



  • At December 03, 2006, Blogger Mother of Invention said…

    Oh, my gosh! That does scare you though when pets take off or are just not around. Then you find them and they're a heck of a lot calmer than you are! What nerve!
    Glad you found them. Your kids would be upset if you hadn't. Such partners in crime these dogs!??

    (17 days..yikes! It's really coming!)

  • At December 03, 2006, Blogger Justin said…

    oh gosh!! its so horrifying...thank god! you 've got of my dogs went missing last year but finally we got him. He was sleeping in our backyard...hehehe!!
    And hey, you can check out this post on dog's dictionary. I hope u'll like it...

    God bless

  • At December 04, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Glad you found them - silly dogs.

    When I was a kid we had an escape artist tortoise. He'd disappear when nobody was around and we'd find him at the bottom of the estate hours later! Quite speedy too for an old man.

    Still haven't come up with a good idea for you yet, but you've done brilliantly to get as much £ already. Think it doesn't seem as much to you coz it's not cash in your hand maybe.

    P.s. Aye - good to get free grub! Feel a bit sorry for my boyfriend who's on his own a lot at the moment. Still, he's probably happy enough watching footy with peace & quiet.

  • At December 04, 2006, Blogger Annelisa said…

    Hiya MOI! Yes, it did give me quite a scare... kind of knocks your legs from under you. I'd woken with such a lovely feeling of actually having had some sleep, that lovely mushy head you have before you realise you've got this or that to do in the day... The open door was a bit of a shocker too... anyone could've walked in!

    But, as you say, they terrible twosome are all alright... I think it wouldn't have only been the kids upset if they hadn't been found!

    Just over 2 weeks now! 2 weeks and 2 days... hayelp! (that's a Penelope Pitstop cry, btw :-D)

    Hello Justin

    Yep, liked your dog dictionary - good idea... my Jack could certainly do with lessons in proper dog behaviour! He doesn't always realise he's a dog, and usually thinks he's a person.... and I reckon I've given up trying to teach him :-)

    Hiya TC - One of the two is a silly dog, the other tends to be the conscience... always rounding up the Jack if he doesn't come when called, telling him off if he's too boisterous with (even) smaller dogs, and generally keeping an eye that he's behaving properly! :-D

    Of course, the Jack doesn't take much notice...

    :-D Hee hee, like the sound of your tortoise - I've seen one of them move, and they can't half go some!!!

    You probably right about the ££££ - it's all paper, and 'promises'... I suppose I like to know it's actually in the bank before counting it! It'll get there eventually... :-)

    Footy and peace in exchange for grub? Hmmmm, I think I'd go for the grub and company!! :-)

  • At December 06, 2006, Blogger Angel Feathers Tickle Me said…

    You sound so much like me. I have chased Jodan (Chocolate Lab} in my slippers and a few time in my bathing suit down the road since my neighbor got a cat.

    Jezza my shepherd does not like to go outside without me. She has been my buddy since cancer and guards me faithfully. She is at my side no matter what I am doing.

    I am so glad you found them. I would be really crying if mine were lost. Jodan really never goes out of site of the house but he does not know how to watch for cars. He does have one thing in his favor when crossing the street. Cars stop and slow down {he weights 14O pounds} I do notice that the neighbors seem to go in the house when he walks down the street...

    Funny but Safe

    Angel Feathers Tickle Me

  • At December 07, 2006, Blogger Annelisa said…

    Good one, Angel!

    Like the sound of your dogs! :-) My youngest daughter is dog-crazy, and one dog she's wanted for ages is a chocolate labrador (by the sound of it, though, the size of one of them might be a be prohibitive in the house our size! :-)

    Yes, I have got really upset when Sparkey runs away. I cuss him like crazy until he returns, then the tears of relief... :-D The whole time he's away, I'm too worried about him, and too busy trying to find him, to allow an emotional outlet.

    My mum had a Shepherd she got from a rescue home, which was like Jezza sounds - totally devoted and loyal. She was a wonderful dog.


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