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Thursday, December 07, 2006

13 days - final countdown

My fellow science technicians and myself have agreed between us to put what we would have spent on pressies for each other into the funds - So, big thanks to Liz, Karen and Lynne!!! (I put my contribution on today - the £15 becoming £19.23 with the tax relaimed! Liz wrote hers onto the sponsor form along with a seperate personal sponsorship (thanks Liz!) and Lynne and Karen have said they'll do theirs online.... Which will be another £38 +

Also, today, Natalie brought in the funds she'd collected from around Ticehurst and her family with her sister, Donna (?) - another £55.07 - Excellent contribution and very well done Natalie - A huge thank you to you!!!

I also checked the sponsor form in the sports center - that's up to nearly £20 now - thanks to the staff and people passing through.

Thanks also to my sister, Karen, who's given a generous donation today.

I've added the above to the funds so far, and this brings the total to about £690... with promises of more to come...

(and also, I haven't yet added any tax that might be regained from the sponsor forms... I'm hoping to persuade a few more people to tick the box)

Getting there... step by step...


  • At December 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What you are doing is incredibly selfless. Many do not know the emotional and mental distress that cancer patients go through when losing their hair. I think it's their last slight of dignity they have left.

    Having lost my father less than a month ago, and living with him from the day of his diagnosis, I know many of the struggles one with cancer goes through. Please send me the address that I can send a donation to.

    Also, if you would like to read about some of the people you would be helping with your sacrifice please do to my blog

    Thank you for doing this.

  • At December 07, 2006, Blogger Annelisa said…

    Thank you Diana. I know from my friend, Julia's experience that it's not an easy thing to deal with the hair loss. She is incredible, brave and full of good humour. But losing the hair was one of the hard bits, for a person who cares so much about their image (don't we all!)

    I'm really sorry about the loss of your father, and that he and you had to go through those stressful times. Sometimes it makes me resentful that the last times I have with a person is when they are in pain, or scared, or lonely, when you want to be sharing those moments thinking and doing things that you've always enjoyed together.

    Nevertheless, being there is the most important thing, and you were there for your father - for which he will have been very happy.

    The web address for donating is in the sidebar, and is at Just Giving

    Take care!

  • At December 07, 2006, Blogger QUASAR9 said…

    Getting there

  • At December 07, 2006, Blogger QUASAR9 said…

    one step at a time

  • At December 07, 2006, Blogger QUASAR9 said…

    so much pleasure, so much joy
    so much sorrow, so much pain ...

    the say tomorrow it may rain
    for another child another toy
    and this one, is this for a boy
    is there really anything to gain
    asked the skeptic with much disdain

    A smile is like a ray of sunshine
    on a cold, damp and dark windy day
    so outdoors, indoors come and play
    mistletoe at xmas that's just fine

  • At December 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My dear, I posted this as a response but wanted to make sure you got to see it :)


    I just went to see your page, I can't believe your hair is so long. You are truly a wonderful and empathetic person for wanting to cut your hair. If my father was alive, he would thank you for your selflessness, but then with the same breath ask you to send him a donation of your hair!

    It takes time to heal, and I realize that greatly. I had not truly healed from my mother's death when my father became ill. But I switched modes, and now I'm slowly trying to get my life back on track. I'm not rushing it and still take some time for myself without having to deal with the pressures of school. Much of what you say is true, my father was the one who I consulted about many life's situations, even sometimes what to have for dinner. I still reach for the phone to call him and that will take some time to adjust.

    I couldn't put into words what I felt until you hit the nail on the head, betrayal. I feel like going on with my life was a way of dishonoring them, but slowly, I've realized that they helped me get to this point. The only thing I would be doing is honoring them and I hope to do so everyday.

    So, my dear I wish you the best of luck to get your goal. You will see my donation online very soon.

  • At December 08, 2006, Blogger Annelisa said…

    Yes, Quasar9, the steps are small, but they're still there. There are a few promises of sponsorship I haven't included yet (people change their mind/ forget, don't they!?) but I'm hoping that there's more to come...

    :-D It's true - such a mixed bunch of emotions - a bit like Mother of Inventions's Roller Coaster!

    But, I have to say, I prefer it when I'm in work - the support I get there is fabulous, and bolsters me right up!

  • At December 08, 2006, Blogger Annelisa said…

    Hello again, Diana. Funny, I was constantly going to ring up my dad to say something, or thought of going to see him and have an arguement (a good debate) about something... and sometimes I hear the sound of his voice, even now (as kids, one of the things he used to say when he fixed our toys was 'That'll be ninepence' - his way of brushing away our thanks... I still here him say that when I fix something for my kids! :-) )

    I'm glad you're giving yourself time... I think we all hurry so much to 'get back to normal' we forget that normal was different not so long ago...

    Thanks for you good wishes for the fundraising... as Quasar9 says - "Getting step at the time"


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