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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

7 days - 1 week today!!!

Well, anyone who's been to Just Giving lately, and looked at my page, will see the thermometer's showing a rising temperature! Thing's are hotting up!!!

And, you might also note the day of the week is Wednesday. In exactly one week from now, I will be losing my mop (I'm convinced that the target of £1000 will be reached if we carry on the way we're going!)

Did I say before? I've talked with the IT technician aat school, and seems I'll be able to get the deed videoed, so as soon as possible afterwards I'll get it on Utube, and all the lovely people who've sponsored me, but can't actually be there, will get to have a ganders!!! (says me, quivering in me boots.....)

Photos will hopefully be up before I even leave the school....

Here's a picture of me from a physics teacher's slide show, which he's said I can a momento of my hair :-D


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